With gray slush still sticking to the sidewalks, the editors at Daily Candy: Boston are here to solve your cold-weather shoe needs! "Last week's near-death experience involving your narrow heels, a misplaced pile of snow, and a Weimaraner had you giving up on the outdoors (and the dear old dog) altogether," they write. And they've got some sensible, durable, weather-appropriate shoes to recommend: Peep-toe flats and metallic gold stilettos in prices ranging from $350 flats to $475 stiletto sandals. Because if you're going to ruin some leather shoes in winter weather, you might as well make sure they are expensive! DC also recommends a leather flip-flop sandal for your "date with the new S.O."; wear them next Saturday when freezing rain is predicted for New England! [Daily Candy: Boston]