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Daily Cavity

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The cultivated tastemakers at Daily Candy Seattle have seen it all: "When your line of work involves everything from back-door bleaching to turd removal, it takes something rather shocking to move you" begins their post on wood bowls. Wait, what? These aren't just any wood bowls, mind you, they are gallery-featured wood bowls made from "reclaimed" trees, reasonably priced from $300-$1,400. Laura Yeats is a woodworker who "speaks for the trees"— tress who apparently have a burning desire to be fashioned into overpriced containers to display wealthy women's organic kumquats. But try to resist the urge to re-mortgage your house for a set of "artful" salad bowls; after all, Anthropologie sells the exact same thing without the craft-fair vibe and the 4-digit price point. [Daily Candy: Seattle]


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@Lady Skittlehattington: Keep the beetles on and say that you are rehabbing them. Recycle, reclaim, rehab - I'm telling just "re-xxxx" those beetles. You'll clean up.