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Daily Cavity

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Do you want to keep your vagina covered but hate the idea of wearing actual underwear? Do you wear thongs but wish you had something more uncomfortable to wear? Daily Candy has the perfect underwear for you! Declaring "hoo-has" out, DC found strapless g-string "underwear" from Shibue Couture, a company which, judging from their glittery, Geocities-inspired website, creates "couture" for alt-weekly erotic massuses. Made of indeterminable "soft, high-quality fabrics" the strapless g-string sticks to the body with tape, wrapping around the front and up the back (click the picture to see!). Rest assured that these panty-pasties are reusble, allowing you to "whore out again" after a quick wash and re-tape. DC recommends the gold-studded pair, sure to go great with your newly bleached asshole. Stay classy, Daily Candy. [Daily Candy: Everywhere]

Illustration for article titled Daily Cavity

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@Rhody: Newbury Day Spa - 8 Newbury St. Ask for Irene, she's AMAZING. And it's $44 which is pretty cheap around here! At my last company there were at least 6 of us that went to her and we always laughed about how much of our company Irene has seen in her life. Irene literally takes 5 minutes tops, this woman is a professional with a capital P.