Dad's Saturday Morning Vine Compilation is Parenthood in a Nutshell

Vine user Bottlerocket (aka Tony) has garnered quite the following posting silly Vines with his kids. And his three-month Saturday morning compilation of his daughter prancing around to pop music is a beautiful testament to fatherhood and delightfully annoying childhood.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Tony says:

“Every Saturday morning, my daughters go to dance class. My oldest goes with my wife first, leaving me home with youngest for an hour before I take her to her own dance class. She requests her playlist on Spotify EVERY Saturday morning. I started to film my reactions to her songs and dancing while I was checking my email and messages in the morning, having my coffee, or just generally trying to wake up on the weekend. Of course, I added the annoyed look to make them funnier. My daughter DOES NOT annoy me.”


Gotta love dads saying they're not annoyed by their daughters because they know that's just part of the job. Shit, if I ever have kids, I know I'm gonna have hell to pay.

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That last one is my favorite. She's just sitting there, having a snack, rockin' out. Livin' the dream.