Remember last season on Tyra when that weirdo dad was grooming his daughter - literally - for a career in prostitution and porn? Summer's dad Rich was her pimp, in a sense, who personally gave his 18-year-old daughter bikini waxes, picked out her lingerie, and dropped her off at the infamous Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada. Summer - whose real name is Christina - hated working at the Bunny Ranch, but felt pressured by Rich to do so. While on Tyra last season, she had a realization that perhaps this wasn't the most functional relationship, and she cut off communication with Rich…until yesterday's episode. Christina confronted her dad and told him how he hurt her, and he was totally unapologetic. In fact, he has connected with a new girl, a 19-year-old, that he met at the mall; he has become her pimp, gives her bikini waxes, and dropped her off at a different brothel in Nevada. Something is seriously wrong with this guy. Clip above.

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