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D.C. Police Investigating Rape Report at Sasha and Malia Obama's School

Illustration for article titled D.C. Police Investigating Rape Report at Sasha and Malia Obamas School

Washington D.C. police are investigating a report that a female student was raped by a male student on the campus of prestigious private school Sidwell Friends.

According to a police report obtained by the Washington Post, the students had a previous sexual relationship. While the report says the assault occurred on Wednesday, authorities have reportedly said it happened on Monday. Thus far, there have been no arrests.

“It’s not classified as a rape, it’s a sexual abuse allegation,” said Metro Police spokesperson Dustin Sternbeck to RadarOnline. “It’s an active police investigation and involves high school students at the Sidwell Friends School. It happened on campus.”


Sasha and Malia Obama currently attend the Quaker school, which boasts an impressive list of politically-adjacent alumni, including Chelsea Clinton and Trisha Nixon. The Obamas recently announced that they would remain in DC until Sasha graduates.

In the past few years, the Obama administration has heavily promoted their It’s On Us campaign, which is intended to raise awareness of sexual assault, especially on college campuses.


“It is the longstanding policy of Sidwell Friends School to cooperate fully with any law enforcement investigation,” said Sidwell’s associate head of school Ellis Turner in a statement. “It is also our policy not to comment on such investigations.”

Image via AP.

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That headline is kind of gross. They’re not involved, and they’re not the only reason this is a story.