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Cyndi Lauper Sings In Airport To Calm Angry Passengers

On Friday, in a clever attempt to soothe angry travelers stranded at the Buenos Aires Airport, Cyndi Lauper grabbed a microphone and led a sing-along of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." Clearly dispatching stars to perform our favorite '80s songs after flight cancellations should become standard practice. I become much more tolerant of delays when I'm partying with Prince like it's 1999.


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Cherith Cutestory

Man, there are so many horrible moments of my life that would have been improved by Cyndi Lauper randomly singing Girls Just Want to Have Fun. It sure would have made a more uplifting eulogy at my grandmother's funeral.

There are even *more* moments in my life that would be improved by Cyndi Lauper randomly showing up and singing She Bop.