"Curves" Are The Theme Of Christina Hendricks' Wedding

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks is on the cover of InStyle Weddings, and though she wants her upcoming wedding to be "rustic and intimate," the mag insists she'll be "going for curve-hugging fabrics and retro details even on her wedding day."

Though it may be true that Hendricks' "red hair and curvy figure are as integral to the stylish '60s-based drama as bullet bras and scotch," we didn't need a reminder that she, "does not simply walk across a room; she sashays. Her hips pivot and sway while the rest of her body comes along for the ride." It would have been nice to see Hendricks portrayed as just a beautiful woman frolicking in a wedding gown, rather than dwelling on her body shape as if she's the only woman with boobs and hips to ever get married.

Could the media's fixation on Hendricks' body be why she's reportedly on a diet? "She already looks amazing, but you know, before you get married you want to look the absolute best. I don't know what she's doing," co-star January Jones told People last night, adding, "I think she looks beautiful. Her body is amazing... My only advice is to not go too far, because if she loses her curves it will be a very sad day." So true! And when Betty Draper is telling you not to watch your figure, you'd better listen.


We didn't get to see Joan's wedding on Mad Men, which may be for the best, since knowing she was marrying a rapist would have marred our enjoyment of the ceremony.

In real life, Hendricks is marrying the delightful Geoffrey Arend, who appeared in 500 Days of Summer (and voiced Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III on Daria). They met through a mutual friend, Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser. Let's hope Hendricks doesn't fall victim to "The Curse of the InStyle Wedding" like so many previous cover subjects.


Arend proposed in their apartment under a newly-installed chandelier Hendricks had been trying to buy from the owner of her favorite New York restaurant for years. They'll be getting married at the restaurant, which she says is "small and romantic and rustic and intimate, like it's in someone's home in Italy," and hiring a gypsy band. None of those details really fit the mag's description of a "retro" wedding. Though the rest of are obsessed with Mad Men, we imagine that for Hendricks that would be like having an office-themed wedding.


Hendricks admission that "before I met Geoffrey marriage just wasn't that important to me," seems to confuse the InStyle Weddings interviewer who marvels, "does that mean you never dreamt about being a bride?" She explains that though she is a lady, she actually hasn't spent the past 34 years obsessively planning her wedding. "At one point, probably in my Goth days, I thought I would throw a big costume ball, something dramatic," she says, "Now I'm like 'Eh... they just did that on Gossip Girl.'"

The rest of Hendricks' interview is in the current issue of InStyle Weddings.

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