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Current muse to Spanish film director/majorcrush Pedro Almodovar (no one has ever narrated mother-daughter relationships quite like him!) Penelope Cruz is set to star in Almodovar's latest offering, a film to be entitled Los Abrazos Rotos. We're not sure if she will be playing a hooker, victim, or doormat, but we do know she'll be lookin' pretty hot! Though the film is a '50's-style film noir, "Penelope (Cruz) will exchange the era's aprons, cardigans and the hairdos for an up-dated look but one that mixes the transparent turbulence of Gene Tierney and the mistreated, challenging beauty of Linda Darnell in Otto Preminger's 'Fallen Angel,' " says Pedro. Um, okay! [Variety]


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@BiscuitDoughJones: Yeah, it's Perez Hilton who calls her Pene, because he speaks Spanish and knows exactly what he's doing.

Love them all...Penelope, Pedro, Agrado, Pepa and Candela. Pass the gazpacho, plis!