Did we remind the plastic surgery industry today how fucking thankful we are for its existence? Not only has it given the ludicrously intelligent, outrageously well-educated individuals who actually passed surgery school a way to pay back their student loans free from the bureaucratic hassles of the HMOs, but there is almost no emerging self-esteem threat it cannot fix. Case in point: Man boobs. They're an epidemic! But according to the 'Thursday Styles' section of the New York Times, as long as you are affluent, that's okay!

"My nephew wouldn't take his shirt off in public," Dr. Kotler said. "He wouldn't go to the beach, which in California is a pretty big deal."In the past, doctors said, 'Oh, he'll grow out of it.' He decided not to grow out of it, but to have the procedure... Here was the shyest, most introverted kid you could ever meet," he said. "And now, well, he's the polar opposite of the shy kid. Guess what he does now? He's a Hollywood agent."

Oh my god! On behalf of the writers over at Entourage, we'd like to thank you Dr. Kotler! Because the day a man can live a life untormented by his peers upon the revelation that he had a breast reduction as a young fat kid is, sadly, fast approaching (thanks, Late Capitalism!) but that day is NOT YET HERE. In the meantime, however, it could make a funny show!


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