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The Princess and the Frog opens in New York and L.A. on November 25 (and goes nationwide December 11), but the main character, Tiana, has already arrived at the Magic Kingdom in Florida.

Not only are characters from the movie already greeting guests, but they will star in "Tiana's Showboat Jubilee," a "rousing, colorful procession with a jazz-filled Mardi Gras theme." The bead-tossing procession heads for a paddlewheel riverboat, where singing and dancing and pyrotechnics continue: The full Disney treatment. (The show will also happen at Disneyland in California, because princesses are magic and can be in two places at once.)


Right now the show is set to run through January 3, but there's always a chance that the movie will be incredibly popular, and they'll add the attraction as a permanent feature.

Even though I've expressed a few concerns about the plot of the film, I think it looks beautiful and I'm excited to see it. And knowing that Tiana will be celebrated at the park through the Christmas holidays makes me really happy: Just imagine the thousands of little black girls who will go to Disney World and, for the first time, see a princess who looks like they do.

Princess Tiana Attraction Opens At Disney [UPI]

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