Washington private school Sidwell Friends is being sued for $10 million by Arthur Newmyer, who says the school abetted his wife's affair with a school psychologist and caused both him and his daughter "severe emotional distress."

File this one under "Rich People Getting Divorced," "Don't Put It In An Email," "Don't Put It In A Work Email," and "Tangential Connection To The Obama Girls." (Malia and Sasha both attend Sidwell Friends, Malia is in the sixth grade, and Huntington taught sex ed to sixth graders, although not necessarily to Malia.) The psychologist, James Huntington, who was treating the Newmyers' young daughter, has since been fired.

The full complaint is here; it contains the prurient goldmine of emails between Huntington and Newmyer's wife Tara, which it says were sent on "the Sidwell server."

It appears from one email, at left, that Huntington maintained a healthy relationship with his ex, who asked a rather sensible question:

"Do you really want that Jack? When there are so many women out there, safer women, that might not cost you your reputation and job to have a relationship with? Is sex with her and are her blowjobs really worth that much risk you are taking?"


"Yes," Huntington replied.

Another email is included in the complaint as partial evidence for Newmyer's claim that Huntington wasn't maintaining his professional responsibilities or boundaries in treating the daughter (here referred to as L.N.).

"Do I talk about masturbating on your face or your marital situation with Terry and when and how to talk to L.N. about it? Decisions, decisions, decisions."


And yet another email, the real gem of the bunch, reads:

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Why not say that ["do come on my face please. i'd like that"] when we are together?....I may be a fire hose, but I can't reach your house from here with my ejaculations. [...] It is hard to aim this thing when, simultaneously having an orgasm!"


Let's add "Questionable Comma Use In Questionable Venue For Dirty Talk," to the cataloging here.

Whether the school, too, is responsible will be up for the court to decide. In the meantime, Newmyer has found a uniquely visible way to punish his wife.

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