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Crystal Meth Is A Hell Of A Drug

Judging from this clip from last night's episode of Intervention, crystal meth seems like no fun at all. In fact, it seems like hell, considering the fact that people strung out on it often have hallucinations in which they see demons, "shadow people," skeletons, and dead bodies. In the clip above, we meet Dawn, a mother of two young men who has been injecting meth everyday for 10 years and is suffering from meth psychosis. She doesn't make sense when she talks, she puts on crazy outfits and walks around outside, and she's gripped with fear when thinks she sees dead people under the stairs in the home where she's squatting. However, she's relieved when she says that it's not dead people — it's just their clothes. If ever there was a reason to stay off drugs, people, it's this lady.

Faces of meth:

Illustration for article titled Crystal Meth Is A Hell Of A Drug

Appealing to one's vanity is actually a really effective way to keep people off drugs. That's Dawn's before and after meth face.

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"Intervention Mondays" are holy here at my household. ACK! Love it! It's always interesting to look for the common factors in these stories. Sex abuse, abandonment, physical abuse, substance abuse by a parent, and SO many of them are "church-going".