Crystal Mangum, the exotic dancer who accused 3 Duke University lacrosse players of sexually assaulting her in 2006, is penning a tell-all book. "The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Mangum Story" is scheduled for publication in October and Mangum has promised to donate $1 for every copy sold to battered women's charities. Although prosecutors dropped all charges against the players in 2007 citing a lack of physical evidence and Mangum's changing stories, they declined to file charges against Mangum, stating that they thought she "may actually believe" the stories she told law enforcement. The book will be the first time she's spoken publicly about the case since 2006. [WRAL, The Smoking Gun]


Mama Penguino

@katekate is squared: NO!?!? Here's how I imagine my husband reacting after innocently walking into a Duke University lacrosse party (off campus):

Mr. P: Whaa? What's going on here, fellows? Why is that woman's clothing on the floor?

Lacrosse players: Duuuuude! Old dude! Come in and party and grab these huge bazongas! We bought 'em, dude!"

Mr. P: Young fellows, I cannot abide by this unsavory display of sexist, racist and anti-humanist people-purchasing.

—slaps them all with his driving gloves and takes stripper to Denney's for hot meal and buys her bus ticket back to Georgia.—