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Crying! Shitting! Stripping! Please Share Your Most Undignified Day At The Office

Illustration for article titled Crying! Shitting! Stripping! Please Share Your Most Undignified Day At The Office

Keeping up with the new Wall Street Journal "Journal Women" website has been kind of fun! First there was this story about doing business in Asia, where women often find it a little bit awkward when following about six hours of Crown Royal-soaked karaoke their hosts try to pair them up with "hostesses" as if they are horny businessmen. And then there was this story about how Microsoft CEO and on-again off-again Bill Gates BFF Steve Ballmer is known for crying at work, probably over all the lives Bill has saved quashing innovation, and hey! Maybe crying at work is okay! Okay so today they posted a Q&A with former Spice Channel executive Jackie Saril on the sticky situations she's encountered on the job. (No for real! I swear they used that term "sticky situations"!) It's all about how to handle an office jaunt to the strip club! (Key takeaways: sit through a few lap dances, but skip the champagne room.)

Smile and close your eyes and think of England or the color you're going to paint your ceiling when you get home."


Anyway, all this — combined with the story of the massive shit that Merrill Lynch guy took in response to his "shitty" bonus and this one time my old boss hired a male stripper for one of our editors' birthdays, combined with another story on how more people than ever are sleeping at work ot me thinking…Damn. Working on my couch is like…pretty boring, you know? (And: hot.) I need to live vicariously through someone at an office. But who? Maybe you guys know someone…

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I've got a good fly-on-the-wall one. At a property management firm I worked at in college, the biggest earner and my direct boss was the (recently) ex-son-in-law of the founder and biggest boss. They seemed to get along fine, until one day I happened to be walking by an open window to hear them fierce whispering at each other. Some of the better nuggets: "If I can't trust a man to treat my daughter well, why would I trust him with my business?" and "You're lucky to have me, no one else could stand your crazy shitstorm of a family."