Last night on Crowned, the lines were drawn between "positivity and negativity." That just means that two cliques โ€” essentially the mean girls and nice girls โ€” were recognized. On the negative side are Patty and Laura, the team formally known as the "Red Bombshells" but now going by "Sincere Sexy Reds". Seriously, they're really our faves. With their energy, possible shared eating disorder, mockery of other contestants, and the way they speak, move and blink, they're like cartoon characters! In the clip above, watch as they join forces with another "negative" team to talk shit on one team for having ugly noses. Afterwards, the pair perform an aerobics routine choreographed by Laura, for which Patty inexplicably seems to be holding her cheeks the whole time. Also: Doesn't Patty remind you just a little of Mona from Who's the Boss?