Crowned: Pageant Losers Run Away From Bedazzled Scissors

We always thought that beauty queens took pageants so seriously that the rituals and rigamarole involved were treated as sacred. But perhaps that doesn't count for pageants on reality shows like Crowned. Not to be too much of a cheeseball (is that even possible in comparison to this show?), but it turns out that the team Beauty Is Skin Deep was aptly named. Mother and daughter team Angela and Tenia have pretty much been mean jerks the whole time in the house, loudly mocking the other contestants' physical attributes and lack of money. Last night, when Beauty Is Skin Deep was eliminated, they turned up their noses at the notion at having to de-sash themselves with the bedazzled scissors — even though every other team has — saying they wouldn't participate because they were "forever beauty queens." "Forever assholes" is more like it.


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