Last night, Young Hollywood flocked to the Vanity Fair Young Hollywood Part in L.A. to be young and have a party. Several Cool Teens were there, and most everyone looked elegant or bold and stylish — with a few very notable exceptions.

Let's take a look:

Cool Teen Kiernan Shipka looked like a very elegant Cool Teen in a Dior dress (feat. drawings of shoes by Andy Warhol).

Zoey Deutch, star of Vampire Academy, also wore Dior and very much embodied Raf Simons' breezy vision of femininity.

Zoe Kravitz showed up in a very beautiful silken fashion sack by Calvin Klein. She looks like the hottest alternative girl in her witch school.

Tayrn Manning opted for a less formal look — here she is in a peplum romper, paired with a huge-ass gem around her neck. Massive jewel/onesie combination is a very unconventional call.

Kata Mara ALSO wore Dior, but her dress was fairly ill-fitting, unfortunately.

Looking amazing in slinky, daring black dresses, we have Rumer Willis oozing futuristic dominatrix vibes; Katie Cassidy going for a triple trend-crown in sheer, lace and leather; and Katheryn Winnick (of Vikings) in a gorgeous asymmetrical LBD.

Color-blocking done right: the always stylish Jena Malone continuing the conceptual formal trousers thing that Emma Watson started quite adeptly; Jessica Lu of Awkward color-blocking patterns; and actress Laura Vandervoot wearing something like Jena Malone but not as good.

Other highlights! English actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw pulling off a bold, patterned dress amazingly (also, best hair of the night by far); Cobie Smulders of How I Met Your Mother in a gorgeous navy tailored crop top and skirt; Odette Annable wearing the patterned separates style that peaked last year (but still looking great!).

Onto the meh: here are some mildly distressing patterns. Jordana Brewster wore a metallic couch and a bustier; Zoe Lister-Jones opted for a lovely marbled print, which she paired with silver Tevas; Lyndsy Fonseca wore TOO MUCH SNAKE PRINT.

Some very colorful mishaps: Stacy Keibler's hot pink suit is not doing it for me; I would like Bella Thorne's metallic one if her bottoms didn't look like board shorts that someone crafted out of tinfoil; and Keltie Knight's bright yellow lace number is a bit garish.

THE BAD: Claudia Lee went as a gilded lamp; Rocsi Diaz went as an uptight mermaid lost at a rave; Jamie Alexander went as a seasonal place mat.

Some men: Tom Felton in a leather jacket; Kellan Lutz in a lot of muscles plus a shirt; Ed Westwick channelling Chuck Bass in power pink.

More beautiful men: Michael B. Jordan in Dior Homme (DID DIOR SPONSOR THIS EVENT?); two Jonas brothers in shades of grey.

Images via Getty.