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"Croissant…coffee… double cognac."

Illustration for article titled iCroissant…coffee… double cognac./i

Breakfast is my favorite meal, perhaps because it's the only meal I remember to eat every day, and every day I have an egg sandwich, and it costs the same price as four cigarettes in New York and tides you over lots longer. So anyway, the New York Magazine breakfast issue hit home, even though its "Breakfast! People Are Eating It Again!" premise was kind of inane (in other news: Drinking is cool! No seriously!), a lameness underscored by the fact that they asked 100 New Yorkers what they'd eaten for breakfast and pretty much all of them had eaten something. Jim McBride, Jason LeMaster and Shane Webb seem to have had the best time. Most acid-refluxive breakfast you ate recently after the jump. [NY Mag]


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A Small Turnip

@andBegorrah: No, you reallyreallyreally don't want to know what black pudding is. Try to forget you ever heard the term.

I vary between Jordan's crunchy muesli-ish cereal with a happy dollop of good yoghurt, and baked beans on toast. I love baked beans on toast. They're so friendly! Little beany babies yum yum yum.

And tea. Always tea. If there is nothing else, there is tea.