Critics Deem Drop Dead Diva Different, Daring & Delightful TV

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The LA Times is raving about Lifetime's new show, Drop Dead Diva, in which a skinny, ditsy model ends up in the "tragically imperfect" full-figured body of a driven lawyer. Brace yourself: The female star of the show isn't thin.


Times staff writer Maria Elena Fernandez spoke with Drop Dead Diva creator Josh Berman (he's worked on CSI and Bones), who feels that the show has a message: "All of us have felt like outsiders at some point in our lives whether because of the way we look or we're not as smart or not as rich. This is what this show is. It's about a woman who always fit in and now she doesn't. And she's learning that not fitting in is not necessarily a bad thing."

The star, Brooke Elliott, agrees: "I thought this would be a fantastic vehicle to help dispel the myth that beauty comes in one specific package." Apparently Margaret Cho found the pretense intriguing; she plays the lawyer's assistant.

Television critic Mary McNamara admits that there are some clichés with the show, which premieres Sunday night: Of course the empty-headed model/actress is blonde; and the show opens with the lawyer eating "lots of carbs." But McNamara writes:

If you were of a mind, you could concentrate on all the rather obvious plot devices and general silliness — a female client transformed by a single make-over — and pick "Drop Dead Diva" to death. But why?

Certainly, the show falls more in the fun category than the brilliant, and it's not going to change television as we know it, but with any luck, it will remind us not to take everything, including television shows, so darn seriously.

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apparently liza minelli and delta burke appear in an episode, playing psychic sisters who take each other to court. DONE! i set my tivo this morning to record the whole series.