People! Let us be the first to inform you that dudes in Italy have serious problems. According to the Times of London, a customer in a barber shop in Rome put it thusly: "Our women have become independent-minded, they all go out to work, they don't cook so much any more, we have to look after ourselves. We are second-class citizens." Tragic! Anecdotally, Italian men are often known as mama's boys who live at home until well into their 40s. Fabio Capello, a former player and now the manager of the England football squad, has been married for four decades, likes jazz, reads philosophy, goes to Mass, etc. When he got his new job, his mother told reporters she was "worried about my boy." He is 61; she is 85. So what has become of the O.L. โ€” original lothario โ€” the tall, dark and handsome Latin lover? Might he be a myth?

Possibly! A survey says that 6 out of 10 Italian women claim to be "sexually dissatisfied." Sounds like the men aren't the only ones taking care of themselves.

Mamma's Boys [Times]
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Image from La Dolce Vita