Creepy Straight Men Banned From Dubiously-Named Lesbian Party

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An Australian party-planning company, Pinkalicious, specializing in dances "for lesbian and bisexual women" has won the right to ban men from their 'dos - "because they might pester women for sex."


Apparently the organizers had had a hard time keeping creepy dudes out of the Pinkalicious dances - now the sole women-only party Down Under. Says one company owner, "In my experience feminine lesbians are often the target of heterosexual male fantasy, and therefore subject to more intrusive attention from them...It is a major concern that heterosexual males will attend the Pinkalicious event in the hope they can achieve their desire for a sexual experience with multiple women."

There's been a backlash - particularly because only last month the Attorney General demanded that Australia's elite men's clubs open up to women. Says Sue Price, director of the Men's Rights Agency, the ruling represents a double standard, and Pinkalicious is receiving special treatment.


But gay men's bars have long had the right to ban women in Australia - and we can see far more compelling reasons for the Pinkalicious ban. After all, at the end of the day, this becomes a safety issue: the intention is to provide an environment for a group who don't have many other venues in which to feel totally secure and drink cocktails with very large pieces of watermelon in them. Or, as the head of the Human Rights Commission puts it, Pinkalicious events are important because "they offer a disadvantaged group the chance to experience supportive social occasions, feel safe in public spaces and build a sense of belonging." And let's face it: the guys who'd want to crash said event are a self-selecting population, to put it mildly, and I'm guessing it won't pose much of a problem for the non-creeps of Australia. That said, Stephen Horner is obviously going to be furious.

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These are private parties, right? Then what's the issue? If I don't want left handed sewer wokers at my party, that's my business. That's why they call them "private". Why guys would want to go these things is beyond me, though. A party full of women, and you know you won't get anywhere with any of them. Way too much like high school for me.