Creepy 'Stans' Attack 15-Year-Old Girl for Daring to Pose With Beyoncé

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What happens when a fifteen-year-old poses for a photo with Beyoncé and her mom posts it to her (private) Facebook account? It leaks out, and the teenager gets made fun of for her "furry ass face," because people are horrible — especially the creepily maniacal groupies best known as "stans" — and there is no hope for any of us in this world. Especially on Twitter.

After writer and filmmaker dream hampton, who has collaborated with Jay Z, found out that the photo she had posted to her "very private" Facebook page somehow went viral and provoked digusting, depressing comments about her daughter, she decided to quit Twitter for good — even though she told Salon that she had met many friends through the service, which she described as "more loving than hateful."

"I am surprised this happened," she said. "This is about my humanity. And I'm not open to being available for this. I had already been thinking about Twitter and how it creates a false sense of things of intimacy and of importance. I think this was the last straw."


True that. It's sad that hampton felt she had to quit the service because of some shitty people, and it sucks how it's impossible to control what people say about you — or, unfortunately, how fast information can spread online — but it's always helpful to remember that just because something seems like a big deal on Twitter (or any social media site) doesn't mean it's the end of the world.

Besides, after the fiasco, Beyoncé posted the original photo on her own Tumblr. (And then took it down, apparently, but we guess it's the thought that counts.) At the end of the day, who wins: creepy, rabid Beyoncé uberfans or the girl who has the star's support?

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Considering that these are the same bottom-feeders who Tweeted this to Jennifer Hudson, this doesn't surprise me one bit.