Creepy Man Who Dressed Up as His Dead Mother Has Been Convicted of Fraud

He may not have killed anyone, but a Brooklyn man named Thomas Parkin has plenty in common with the infamous Psycho character Norman Bates. Parkin has just been convicted of fraud and ten other criminal charges for dressing up like his dead mother and collecting her social security checks. In the end, he stole about $44,000 over six years, and he also used her identity to perpetrate an elaborate real estate fraud.

Irene Pruskin, died in 2003 and would have been 77. As you can see above ("Irene" is on the left), her 55-year-old son took playing the role of his mother very seriously, using wigs, makeup, manicuring his nails, wearing her clothes, and even using her oxygen tank when meeting with people. While he may have succeeded in fooling everybody for quite a while, he was finally busted, and now faces up to 83 years in prison for the ruse.


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