Creepy-Ass Peeping Tom Caught on Bedroom Window Surveillance Footage

A 37-year-old Boston woman's security camera captured footage of a peeping tom coming right up to her ground-floor bedroom window while she was in the shower. Local police have released the footage hoping the public can help identify the creep.

The victim said she's been aware of the peeping tom for several weeks and her boyfriend even confronted the man one time. A few days later she could hear rustling in the bushes beneath her windows so she immediately called the management company of her apartment building and set up security bars, alarms and surveillance cameras. It wasn't long before she finally caught the guy on camera peering into her bedroom window.

"It is really concerning because the brush covering my window is so tall and thick that is takes someone with great determination and audacity to get past it."


The woman said she would not return to her apartment at night until the police caught the perv. Boston police arrested a 51-year-old man on Tuesday morning for an alleged peeping tom incident in a different neighborhood, but he has not been linked to this particular case.

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I have a ground floor apartment in a major U.S. city, sooooooooooooo.... this gives me a full-on case of the "icks" and the "scareds" and the *sobs*

Also, time to plant some vicious pricker bushes. And by pricker bushes, I also mean maybe an alligator.