Creepiest Supermarket Chain Ever has Been Secretly Filming Female Shoppers

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Oh, great: female customers shopping at German discount supermarket chain Aldi Süd were being secretly filmed in what appears to be a massive, highly-organized spying campaign regulated by branch managers.


According to SPIEGEL, "The managers were especially interested in filming women in short skirts and and low-cut tops as they bent down to pick out items from refrigerator chests or shelves." Not creepy enough for you? Well, the branch managers actually burnt the films onto CDs and distributed them amongst the staff. Awesome teamwork, guys!

Lest you think these managers were solely interested in T&A, SPIEGEL reports that Aldi Süd employees also set up mobile miniature cameras in "places where staff don't come into any contact with customers and where there were no notices alerting people to camera surveillance," including warehouses and central storage facilities. They also installed cameras around cash registers, which SPIEGEL says clearly show information imputed into payment card machines, athough Aldi Süd argued that they were positioned in such a way "that the typing in of PIN numbers can in no circumstances be seen."


The perverted nanny state supermarket responded by saying their cameras "are only used to protect our staff, customers and suppliers from dangerous situations and hold-ups, for preventive purposes and to protect property." They refused to comment specifically on the sexual harassment allegations but said "Mistakes by an individual employee can't be ruled out." So basically: it's not Aldi Süd's fault if an employee (or several, at several branches, who distributed x-rated burnt CDs of unknowing women to several more employees, etc etc) fucked up! Jeez, running a supermarket is hard. Give them a break!

Aldi Store Managers Secretly Filmed Female Shoppers [SPIEGEL]

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Interesting reading, considering that they just opened up an Aldi in the Bronx. I was so shocked that I actually went in, just for the novelty of it all.

I came away from my visit to Aldi having learned that Aldi is a fucking terrible supermarket- selection sucks, prices were ok, organization was non existent- this lovely little bit of business just emphasizes the point.;