Creep Admits to Spying on High School Volleyball Slumber Party

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Steven Meeks admits that he put a hidden camera in the bathroom of a warehouse where he knew a high school girls' volleyball team was about to have a slumber party. But he has a really good excuse.


According to Kirkland Patch (via Yahoo Sports), 23-year-old Meeks was married to the assistant coach of the Juanita High School girls' volleyball team. Said coach held a slumber party for the team on November 5 at a warehouse owned by her dad. Things went sour when one team member noticed a suspicious video camera in the bathroom, "pointed toward the stall." She reported the camera, somebody called the police, and Meeks was eventually arrested. He admitted that he'd put the camera there "for his sexual gratification." However, he said he didn't mean to tape the girls — in fact, he was hoping to catch a coworker of his in the bathroom the following Monday. Because that's normal, and also legal.

Meeks is currently out on bail and is due back in court on Jan. 26. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the school district says, "Certainly the situation was really a terrible invasion of privacy for the girls. We're very proud of the girls for immediately reporting it and thankful to the King County Sheriff's Office for responding so quickly. Everyone did the right thing." Everyone except Steven Meeks — and potentially his wife, who's been fired for holding an unauthorized off-campus slumber party in the first place.


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You stay classy Steve.