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We didn't know this until just now, but sometimes when a movie is not released on time it is not because focus groups told them it was better off not released at all ever; it's because the movie's makers are so gosh darn taken with their own brilliance that they decide to forego the gazillions they could rake in during the lucrative summer blockbuster season in favor of something so, so much more profound: awards. So anyway, consider yourselves blueballed by that 93-page spread in Vogue (which put Scar on the cover for its positive body image issue) (because she is the spokesperson for twenty year old women everywhere who have really great tits and are completely comfortable with them, doncha know): you won't be able to see Scar Jo in anything (except every fucking magazine) until September, when it is a "contender." For what, exactly? The Golden Globes of Comedy. Are you fucking kidding us? They actually give out awards at the Golden Globes? Are they even televised? And anyone has actually watched past the red carpet show?


Oh wait, we were supposed to make a joke about subtle class differences, and thank Nicky and Emma for starting the whole assistant roman a clef thing we love so much, and how Citizen Girl is easily confused with 'Citizen Kane', and figure out how to code "roman a clef" correctly in HTML... yeah, but we're putting off those plans till this blog is actually live and eligible for the prestigious 'Bloggies.'

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