"Crap Emails From A Dude" Brought To You By A Dude

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Going through Crap Email withdrawal? Check out Psychotic Letters From Men, compiled by a guy named Weasel.

There are only two posts right now, but to Weasel's credit, these emails are extremely crappy. We have "Paul," who writes,

I mean, it's not like you are perfect. I mean, my friends give you a 5/ 10 and that's because you're with me. I mean, you aren't going to get anyone better than me are you, you're not exactly a size 2 anymore. [...] Please, don't throw us away, I know things can be perfect, if you just try not stuffing your face all the time, and I will be more accommodating of your rapid mood swings.


And "Erin" (we assume the names have been changed, but shouldn't this still be "Aaron"?), who warns,

You should consider yourself special; I'm likely the only guy to take the effort of writing over 650 words just to tell you to go fuck yourself. Enjoy your life in your own little world. When your relationship fails, and I know it will, be sure you remember this letter and the decent man you threw away. Your conscience isn't finished with you yet.

Psychotic Letters could become pretty cool, but is it misandrist that we're a little weirded out by Weasel himself? His other blog, Why Women Hate Men, compiles crap personal ads from dudes, and boasts, "Please note this website is produced and written by a STRAIGHT MALE!" Can a STRAIGHT MALE truly know why "women hate men"? And isn't there something sort of self-congratulatory about lampooning loser examples of his own gender? We prefer to shame dudes from the safety of our vaginas.

Psychotic Letters From Men [Official Site]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Shit, he's stealing the thunder from my All Women Are Bitches! blog.