You already know that allowing gay marriage turns ordinary nice people into lawless sodomites, but did you know it will also destroy the economy of the state of New Hampshire? Allow an economist to explain, using zero evidence.

J. Scott Moody of the conservative think tank Cornerstone Policy Research met with the editorial board of New Hampshire paper Foster's Daily Democrat to discuss his eminently reasonable ideas. Let's break those down. First, Moody says that since gay people can't reproduce biologically (actually they can, via surrogacy or sperm donation, but let's ignore that because ew sperm), they don't contribute to New Hampshire's population. If the state keeps encouraging the gays by letting them get married, then they will keep not having kids and then there won't be enough young people to take care of the state's Olds. Moody calls this a "demographic winter."

Also, since both members of a gay couple can't be biologically related to their kid (again, actually they could if they used the donor sperm or eggs of a relative, but ew eggs, ew sperm), one of them is going to love that kid a little less. Writes the Daily Democrat,

[A]ccording to Moody, statistics have shown that a relationship with a stepparent is not the same as a relationship with a biological parent and stepparents tend to not have the same bond or pay the same attention as the biological parent.

Moody did not provide charts or actual sources for this claim.

It's not clear how this relates to the state's economy, but I'm sure it would lead to destruction somehow. Clearly the solution to all this is to repeal gay marriage in New Hampshire, because then all the gay people would just get straight-married and have a bunch of kids and everyone would be completely happy and not at all crushed by the inexorable daily pressure of living a lie.


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