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Oh dear, it seems we've really, really upset the "Blogn***er", who's furious that "these mcCarthyistic Jezebel cunts" have "pressured" I Saw Your Nanny into taking down a banner graphic that we found a wee bit gratuitous. (Btw: the I Saw Your Nanny banner headline was, like, a banner. That's why when we posted on it last week, we only showed a little segment. Got it?) Well, this rawther angry gentleman has mounted a somewhat - dare we say it? - intemperate critique of the fracas, an impassioned defense of I Saw Your Nanny, and quite a slap on the wrist for what he terms us "PC Jezedroids." I'm sure we're all duly contrite. [New York via BlogN***er]


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Okay, I just linked over to I Saw Your Nanny, to see for myself the new image.

The editor/host of that site just outed herself as an complete racist.