Cranky Old Women

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Remember that 89-year-old woman from Ohio that was arrested for keeping a child's ball that had landed in her yard? Well, authorities in Blue Ash, Ohio announced on Wednesday that they would be dropping the petty theft charges against the woman because they lacked sufficient culpability to pursue her prosecution. What a win for old curmudgeons! Now get off my lawn, you hooligans! [UPI]


Mama Penguino

My mom lived in this semi-gated community and each townhouse had its own little fenced backyard. One Sunday afternoon, a resident's grandkids were flying a little remote control plane and it landed in mom's neighbor's "backyard." The grandpa went to the door and asked the woman who lived there (think 65-yr old Liz Taylor, furnishings all red velvet and gold lacquer) if she could get the plane from her little yard as his grandkids were leaving town that evening and the woman replied, "I would, but I wasn't planning on going in my yard today." In short, she refused, saying it wasn't a day she intended to go to her backyard! The really funny part of the story is the grandpa (to my mom) called the Liz Taylor lady "an old bitch." Seniors, really!