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Craig Ferguson Forgoes His Monologue for a Soulful Rumination

Craig Ferguson discarded his nightly monologue in the wake of the Colorado shooting in order to ruminate on the triviality of late night TV and the impermanence of life in his sonorous Scottish brogue.


via Buzzfeed

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Classy guy, classy disclaimer.

Might be a bit OT, since I will not relate to the subject matter, but I have to say how I feel about Mr. Ferguson. Just to lighten the mood a bit and see if anyone here feels the same.

I find him a little bit too attractive, and I've found him so since I was about 11 when I first saw him as Drew Carrey's boss in the sitcom. There is something absurdly erotic about this man to me, and I feel absolutely dumb writing this, but I just needed to share that. It has weighed on my chest and ladybits for about 14 years now. Thank you, goodnight.