Crafty Republicans Want Mitt Romney to Pick Condi Rice as His Running Mate

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All the Vice Presidential nominee speculation has caused presumed GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney to nearly short circuit with information overload. Which potential running mate will complement him, fill out the ticket, and give voters something to be excited about? Marco Rubio? Rick Santorum? Some other, as-yet-unmentioned robot? A recent CNN poll of GOP voters has shown that they actually prefer a familiar name: former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The poll, conducted last week, shows that among registered Republican voters, 26% said that Rice was the best choice for Romney's running mate, followed by your #1 crush Rick Santorum, who has the support of 21% of voters, Marco Rubio and Chris Christie, the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of tough-talking jerks, each clocked in with 14%. So while there's clearly no consensus among voters, there's a slight preference for the woman who is most famous for having an oil tanker named after her, making bland, noncommittal statements from behind microphones, and lying a bunch in the run-up to the Iraq quagmire. It's like the Republican Party wants to slingshot America back to the glory days of 2003.

As CNN pointed out, these numbers may be a reflection of name recognition rather than actual policy preference; even though conservatives who supported the Tea Party were more likely to be fans of Rubio and Christie, the poll results almost perfectly reflected a potential candidate's relative fame and prominence. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, for example, were among the least famous of the 8 candidates included in the poll and were also least popular among poll respondents.


Obviously who receives the nomination for Vice President isn't put up to a popular vote; if it was, a painting of Ronald Reagan in a cowboy hat would win. But at least it would be more relatable and warm than Mitt Romney.


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I'm not a huge Condi fan, but at least she'd know the basics, like that the Prime Minister is Britain's head of state, what the Fed is, and that Jesus didn't ride dinosaurs.