CPAC Attendees Still Insisting On Ron Paul

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Attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference have once again endorsed Texas congressman Ron Paul for President, with 30% of attendees throwing their support behind him. Mitt Romney came in second with 23% of the vote, and trailing in the single digits were Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee, neither of whom attended the convention (the reanimated corpse of Ronald Reagan probably received at least a few write-in votes). The silliness of the phrase "conservative political action" aside ("conservative political action" consists of striving to prevent progress and thus "conservative political action" is kind of like calling a logging company the "Forest Advancement League"), this poll turned up results nearly identical to last year's, with many respondents expressing dismay over the lack of appealing Republican candidates for President. Attendees of the conference skewed younger than in the past, though, and thus the Conservative Political Action Conference still holds onto hope that they might still succeed in digging America a trench to 1890, when the poor lived in tenements and women knew their place and our Great Nation's fruitful loins were bursting with coal, glorious coal, just waiting to be mined by the captains of industry, and pesky freedom-stopping Big Government rules like "child labor laws" and "the five day workweek" and "food safety standards" didn't exist.

Ron Paul Wins CPAC Poll; Does It Matter? [Christian Science Monitor]

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