​Cow Whisperer Assembles Herd of Cows Probably for World Domination

Rudi Rok is a voice actor and internet personality who can mimic animal noises really well. So well, that he tricks animals. He's like the David Blaine of furry things. While given the hubbub about the 29 impersonations dude being a fake, I feel like I must exercise an even more intense degree of caution/everything I know is a lie, this does seem legit, even if Rudi Rok's back is to the camera.

Anywho he successfully beckons a herd of cows over to him, and they totally look like they are awaiting further instruction. Looks like this man basically has the fate of the world in the palm of his hands. Hopefully he uses his powers for good although if I were him I would lead herds of cows onto roads and cause awful traffic jams. Because I am a monster.


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