Cow Suit-Wearing Woman Scares Wee Ones • Man Paints Nude Palin Portrait For Windy City Pub

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• A 32-year-old woman from Ohio has been given one month in jail for disorderly conduct after she chased children and urinated around a neighborhood while wearing a cow costume last weekend. • Learn how to make a dollhouse out of a gourd! • Some students at the University of Manchester are angry that the Student Union decided to make bathroom signs gender-neutral to be more comfortable for transgender students. • • Before House Republicans were shooting down a bail out plan they were championing a Presidential pardon for Jack Johnson, the black boxing champ who was hounded by racist politicians and law enforcement officers for flaunting his relationships with white women.• A man in Chicago painted a nude portrait of Sarah Palin to be hung in his wife's dive bar because he finds the Republican VP nominee "bizarrely fascinating." • The Chinese government says that they have detained 22 people in a suspected underground network of milk-tainters in connection with the melamine-tainting crisis. • According to a UK study of 1,000 men, boys are impacted and given confidence by male primary school teachers, who account for only 13% of primary teachers in England. • A man jumped into a Florida marina to punch a shark that had bitten his 14-pound rat terrier. The dog is recovering and is not critically injured. • A police officer was surprised to find a mountain lion in a woman's yard in Wyoming after 911 dispatchers interpreted her call about a "big cat" as involving a domesticated feline. •


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Who calls the cops for a big alley cat? What Mayberry run town is this???

I don't know about getting a month's jail time for wearing a cow suit, chasing kids and peeing on stuff. Frankly that's my weekend hobby.