Courtney Love Talks Crazy, Designs Clothing Line

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Brace yourselves: Courtney Love is designing a clothing line.

I know a lot of people are doing lines but my first job, other than stripping, was on 'Mommie Dearest' as an assistant in wardrobe. My first boyfriend, his mother was a third generation wardrobe lady so she ran the Paramount wardrobe department... And I was in charge, some of the time, of throwing stuff out... I didn't know anything about fashion and I didn't know what a season was, but I knew what a mousseline was and I knew what a peplum was by the time I was 15, so... I'm experienced that way.

Yup, you read right: Courtney Love was once in the presence of Joan Crawford costumes and now thinks she is qualified — nay born — to do a fashion line. Thing is, she may be right! More of the Tao of Courtney, after the jump.

On why she thinks American Vogue sorta sucks:

I love British Vogue. It's the only Vogue I read. Why? Because it's more on-trend - though I hate that fucking phrase; it's like piece-y, for hair. It's just...I believe it more. I mean no offense to Anna Wintour or US Vogue, it's just UK Vogue is more, "Oh, yeah, that's me! Oh, I want that! Oh, I want that! Oh, I want that!" I just really, really relate to it more.


On why she loves Marc Jacobs:

I mean, there's always a hint of - I've been studying a lot of fashion lately - there's always an homage to Yohji but the way he does it is really accessible (no offense to Yohji). But he's able to make something that would look like a giant cloud on somebody else, really wearable.

On why she's into cheesecloth:

I'm going to Fashion Week in Paris to see this kid. He sent me his whole collection from Tokyo. His name is Suzuki Takayuki. It's all whites, it's all creams, it's amazing. I mean, he sent me the whole thing. It's gorgeous. He's showing in Paris and I'm gonna work his clothes. He's, like, 24, a genius. The swing coat has muslin in it and cheesecloth... But I'm pretty fast. Like, I found Sophia Kokosalaki before she had a collection. By the way... I gave her a two-piece Victorian that I got on Portobello so she still owes me a dress out of that.


Batshit insane. We love.

Catching Up With Courtney Love [The Fashion Informer]


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Oh, and if she was on the set of Mommie Dearest, she wasn't in the presence of Joan Crawford costumes. Rather, she was in the presence of Faye Dunaway's costumes.

Oh, well. I'm so picky. I love me some Miss Faye (Bonnie & Clyde! Chinatown! Three Days of the Condor!). As for Joan Crawford, Team Bette Davis here.