Courtney Love Is Working With Celebrated Leech Sam Lutfi

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If you remember when Britney Spears had a very messy, very public breakdown, you'll recall that there was a man in her life back then, the shady character known as Sam Lutfi. In 2009, Britney's father obtained conservatorship over Britney and filed a restraining order against Lutfi, who was in constant contact with paparazzi agency x17 (though the agency denied paying him for information or pictures).


A CBS News story from 2009 about Lufti explains:

Lynne Spears says her daughter met him in October 2007, and that he "essentially moved into Britney's home and has purported to take control of her life, home and finances." She describes witnessing a situation of tight control and manipulation, with Lutfi calling the shots on her medications, cutting her phone lines, and deciding who's let in to see the pop star.

In 2008, Lufti had three different restraining orders against him, unrelated to Britney.

Now Lutfi is working with Courtney Love. A source tells Radar:

Everything Courtney is now doing business related in her life MUST go through Sam… Courtney is completely dependent on him for everything, just as Britney was during the time he was in her life. Sam is able to charm his way into emotionally vulnerable celebrities' lives. He can be absolutely charming, but he has a much darker side and it's very concerning that he is now essentially running Courtney's life.

It certainly seems like Lutfi is adept at preying on vulnerable women. And men. His involvement with a man named Danny Haines begain when Haines was "adrift" and "his relationships with old friends and family were in disrepair." Lutfi and Haines became very good friends, then Lutfi borrowed about $18,000 that he did not pay back, and when Haines tried to drop Lutfi as a friend, Lutfi turned vicious.

"Everybody hates you," he wrote to Haines, suggesting that Haines should just kill himself: "Seriously, sleeping pills, LOTS of them … "


Lufti's Twitter account claims he is "Fascinated with the challenges of problem solving." No one really knows what his job is — he's produced a few D movies — but it seems like he makes a living out of attaching himself to unstable people. We want to believe that Courtney would never stand for such shenanigans… here's hoping she'll live through this.

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Let's just hope this is true, because Lufti has no idea who he is fucking with and this may very well be the karma that finally comes back to bite him in the ass.