While promoting her craptastically crappy new show Cougar Town, Courteney Cox was on with Jimmy Kimmel last night and said a bunch of crappy crap about older women.

First Kimmel said he wasn't sure if "cougar" was a compliment or an insult. And Courteney agreed. But… Your show is called Cougar Town! Next, she claimed that used to think that "cougars" were women who'd had a lot of plastic surgery, trying to look young, to go out with younger guys… But now she's changed her mind, because she is a cougar. Wait, why is she a cougar? Does this mean she did or didn't have plastic surgery? Or is she a cougar because she's 45 and David Arquette is 38? Right. Okay.

Next, she had some kind of talking point about women reaching their sexual peak in their early 40s. Kimmel questioned the veracity of that theory, and Courteney backed down. But she did say: "I think the whole cougar thing — I'm glad it's come around." Plus: "I think what happens is as women get older — they want to become more sexual, so they're trying so hard to stay young that… probably they're pretending." Yeah, that's it. Older women are just pretending to be sexual... kind of like Courteney is pretending Cougar Town was a good idea.

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