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Couple's First Kiss Happened At The Altar

Illustration for article titled Couples First Kiss Happened At The Altar

We've heard of no sex before marriage, but no kissing? Melody Laluz, 28, and Claudaniel Fabien, 30, got married over the weekend, and when they smooched at the altar, it was their first kiss on the lips. They were friends for two years and in a "courtship" for one year, but since they both teach abstinence courses to Chicago public school teens, they decided to practice what they preach. Hence: A "no kissing" rule. To "avoid temptation," they were never alone together in a house. If they watched movies on a couch, they would snuggle sitting up, never lying down. Fabien says: "It really tested us and encouraged us to grow closer in our hearts and our minds, just expressing things verbally." All of this is very nice and romantic. But Laluz says:

"You can't take the car out of the parking lot until you pay for it." Which is something like why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free or any of the other phrases that reduce women to commodities. Or maybe she's talking about her man?


Obviously, one can admire Laluz and Fabien's commitment, restraint and good intentions. And without a doubt, that first kiss — after waiting so long — was probably amazing. (Laluz called it "magical.") But. Since when is kissing something only a husband and wife can enjoy? What "courtship" is complete with out a makeout session? Doesn't forbidding kissing instantly fetishize it? And what really happens when you endow a kiss, or any other physical affection, with mystical properties, and require your partner "buy" it from you? Don't you feel cheap?

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How did this even make headlines?