Couple Marries in the ER After Groom Has a Heart Attack

A Pittsburgh couple was so damn determined to tie that knot that when the groom suffered a heart attack shortly before the ceremony, they simply married at the hospital instead.

Hey, as long as you are married at the end of the day, the wedding is technically a success.


CBS reports that the couple first met 36 years ago, but fell out of contact before finding each other again on Facebook. (Of course.) On the day of the wedding, 68-year-old groom Bob Adams started feeling funny. "I thought it was because I was dressed in a suit and tie, which I never wear." When he realized what was happening, he tried to pop a heart pill and carry on with the festivities, but paramedics insisted he go to the hospital. (Obviously.)

They also bundled the bride, Mary Pizzuto, into the ambulance, after the family said she'd already had five heart attacks of her own. "So they were all worried about her," said one of the EMTs. "She was a nervous wreck."

So off they went. As soon as the couple got settled in at the hospital, they called the preacher and had him do the ceremony right there in the emergency room. "He said that he was getting married one way or another, no matter what," according to a second paramedic.

Now that, my friends, is romance. In honor of Adams' dedication, let's all have a rousing rendition of "Get Me to the Church on Time." Really puts your last-minute disaster with the favors in perspective, huh?

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