Helen Fisher is a highly-regarded Rutgers professor whose mastery of biology, anthropology, psychology and philosophy somehow led her to her current career formulating "biology-based" personality tests for Chemistry.com and hypothesizing about how politicians would score if they actually bothered to waste fifteen minutes answering questions about risky situations and geometric shapes like I just made Anna do on the Chemistry.com website:

I think you can see this in Hillary and Bill. For example, the Director really needs the warmth and the nurturing and the people skills of the Negotiator. The Negotiator needs the decisiveness, the ambitiousness...[Barack Obama] has an energy level that you almost can feel and he has an optimism that is very much the Explorer.


It's almost as good as astrology! Anyway, after finding out that both Anna and I were both, like Barack, combination explorer-negotiators (guess who won the "negotiation over doing this item? heh) , I was about ready to dismiss Fisher's junk "biology" until I came across the words "sweaty T-shirt experiment" and realized Helen Fisher is a genius.

Women are unconsciously attracted to men with a different immune system; they do it by smell. If you are attracted to someone whose immune system is different from yours, why wouldn't you also be attracted to those with other genetic differences? Mates with distinctly different genetic profiles would produce more genetically varied young.


So THAT'S why we both fuck dudes who are allergic to cats! (I was wondering what was up with me and Virgos lately..)

Anyway, B, don't be shy, we're used to cleaning the floors before dudes come over. Happy birthday, Leo!


When The Heart Says Yes, But The Brain Says Listen To Your Seratonin [Washington Post]