Oh, dear. I'm not sure why the world feels that women need to place themselves into stupidly named sociological gangs in order to justify their existence. We have the Cougars, the MILFS, the Pumas, and now, the tragically dubbed TWITs.

Yes, The TWITs, "Teenage Women in their Thirties," who like to party it up "like teenagers," which apparently means putting marriage and children on hold for a while. That's it. That's the entire definition of a "TWIT." A woman in her thirties who likes to go out dancing instead of planning weddings or shopping at Babies R Us. "People have a perception of me as being young and fun and when I tell them my age it changes the way they see me," says TWIT Kelly Jones, a model, "I am here to have good clean fun, party it up and live my life."

As Eleni Hale of the Herald Sun writes, "Just like men with Peter Pan-syndrome who are not ready to grow up, TWITs are putting serious relationships and parenthood on hold, instead choosing to continue partying and enjoying the freedoms they discovered in their teens." Apparently, not having kids and being single makes a thirty year old woman equal to a sixteen year old! Who knew? And here I was thinking that women who made choices regarding parenthood and marriage who just happened to enjoy going out and having fun were just, you know, WOMEN, and not 16-year-olds trapped in a 30-year-old package.

Thank goodness someone has slapped a meaningless label on this "fad" to help us understand it a bit better. And to think, I was just calling this phenomenon "Thursday night with my friend Lisa." Now I know I should buy her a pink jacket with "TWIT 4 Lyfe" emblazoned on the back. Surely, she'll be thrilled that her life choices have been neatly packaged into a completely empty and idiotic category.


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