Costco Apologizes for Selling Bibles Categorized as 'Fiction'

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Costco has apologized to customers after a box of Bibles labeled "Fiction" made it to store shelves in LA. As one might imagine, this offended people who do not believe the Bible to be fiction, and amused people who do not believe the Bible to be true. Now I understand why the "religion/philosophy" category must exist — for accuracy, and anger prevention.

Here's more on the philosophically awkward mislabeling, from KTLA,

Caleb Kaltenbach, the pastor of Discovery Church, was looking for a gift for his wife when he saw Bibles labelled as "Fiction." [...]

"I was completely offended. I believe the Bible is real and it shouldn't be marked fiction," church member Shellie Dungan said.


Here's the Tweet Kaltenbach sent after he witnessed the Bible's treatment in the bulk retailer.

Costco has apologized and says they removed the Bibles from shelves.

Despite this adhesive affront to Christianity, Costco is actually one of the more, uh, fair and just places to work. For starters, it's one of few large retailers that pays its workers a living wage. It receives high marks from human rights organizations for its treatment of the LGBT community. The store is also closed on Thanksgiving so that employees can celebrate with their families.


But, you know. Bible stickers.


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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

I know it's fun to pick on the majority religion in a country, but how do you suppose this would have gone over if it were Qurans? Or Torahs? Or The Vedas?

Not to be too much of a party pooper (I find it kind of funny myself), but I can imagine most groups would find this pretty insulting if they're believers.