Cosmo's August 'Conversation Starter' Might Start Some Pretty Strange Conversations!

The new issue of Cosmo is here! And before we delved into what promises to be a riveting interview with Scarlett Johansson, we sated our thirst for "Conversation Starters," the monthly feature in which Cosmo editors offer up little tidbits of trivia that promise to "make you the most interesting person in the room - by far." Last month we learned about doga - yoga! for dogs! - and the contracts some brides-to-be are now dispensing to their bridesmaids prohibiting them from gaining weight. But this month…well, pushed the envelope just a bit further! Click for August's "perfect icebreaker"…

Yeah, that's right: RAPE! An endlessly thrilling topic, whatever the social context! Especially at the beach, I can totally see this playing out so well:

DUDE: Hey, hotness. The keg may be tapped, but I can show you a clothes dryer where a quarter-bottle of Malibu has our names engraved on them…

'COSMO' READER: Um, cool! So like, did you know, that if you slip something in my drink, I can totally find out if you had sex with my unconscious body the next day without having to drag the police into it?

Seriously though, rape should get talked about more, but it's odd to see Cosmo suggesting it's as simple and no-big-thang as, say, sticking a finger in his ass while you're in reverse cowgirl. But hey! Maybe I'm just old and rape is now so just so common it's lost its stigma as a discussion topic. How awesome would that be?


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