What's the difference between Cosmo and Cosmo UK? Despite its enticing cover promises of 16 sexy new hairstyles and 7 Boundary-Pushing Moves we always seem to find ourselves thinking "cigarette money" when we check it out at newsstands. Meanwhile over in cool Britannia, however, readers are being bowled over with headlines like "Be 100% Happier" and "HOW DID MY HANGOVER LEAVE ME PARALYSED FROM HEAD TO TOE?" OMG how???

Um, yeah, she had some crazy illness three years earlier and her hangover had nothing to do with it. It was completely incidental. In fact, this whole story is just another testament to why you should aim to have a hangover EVERY morning, because you never know when you might end up paralyzed from head to toe and unable to enjoy a good drunk one-night-stand. So with that, we're gonna go get fun, fearlessly fucked-up! XO!