Cosmo UK Contest: Win A Date With An Abusive Miserly Drunk

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In the September issue of British Cosmo, the magazine allowed a multi-millionaire bachelor named Robin MacDonald to write what basically amounted to a singles ad saying he was "desperately searching for the perfect woman to share the medieval castle in Staffordshire he called home." The magazine then went on to host a sort of speed-dating competition for interested applicants. But Prince Charming is actually a nasty drunk! I know, you're reeling from this revelation, right??? And you have the Daily Mail to thank: the British newspaper interviewed MacDonald's ex-fiance, Rita Karia, who describes how he acted when she finally left his drunk abusive ass, assaulting her with text messages that said things like, "You'd better be down on your knees apologising when I arrive." She got a restraining order or some British equivalent. And meanwhile, he got a story written about him in Cosmo.

So what the fuck is their excuse? They weren't going to, like, run a criminal record check on such a fine young rich upstanding member of society? Did they learn nothing from the Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire debacle of '00?? Did the 300 women who applied learn nothing from "Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire"? Do none of us learn anything from anything? Is it a pointless act simply covering stories like this at all because there is always a new desperate ignorant cute girl waiting in the wings to learn the hard way??? Rhetorical question, but ha ha ha, we said "hard."

Cosmo's millionaire bachelor Robin MacDonald destroyed a year of my life with his drunken rages [Daily Mail]


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Didn't he just post something similar on Craig's List...?