Cosmo Girl Rihanna: "Solitary & Self-Involved"

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Grammy-winner Rihanna is the March Cosmopolitan cover girl! Unfortunately, she shares the space with a huge pink VA-JAY-JAY. Poor thing. Her parents probably won't want to frame that. Anyway, the singer filled out the "Cosmo Quiz," writing that, if she wasn't a singer she'd love to be a pilot, and that her purse is filled with "a bunch of unnecessary shit." Just like us! But we wanted to delve deeper, so we sent her handwriting to graphology expert Sheila Kurtz, who determined that the 19-year-old (born Robyn Rihanna Fenty in Barbados) can be "solitary and self-involved" but also "outgoing" and "detail-oriented." More expert analysis, after the jump.

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The slant of this writer's letters range from somewhat left to somewhat right, plus straight up and down. These slants indicate emotional moods that can range from solitary and self-involved, to un-impulsive and logical, to somewhat outgoing. One may never know from moment to moment which of those moods will dominate.

There are hooks at the beginning and ends of many letters including the lower case Ys and Fs. This is a writer who grasps to own things and once they're gotten they won't be let go without a terrible struggle.

The writer is a methodical, detail-oriented thinker who takes time with getting things right. Goals are set where they are easy for the writer to reach without much stretching.

There is tendency of this writer to make "gut" decisions, which is another way of saying intuition. Intuition speeds up the thinking of a methodical thinker so that the methodical thinker can compete with much faster thinkers. This writer uses intuition on occasion, but may not trust it entirely. In the same vein, this writer is sometimes open to new ideas, and sometimes preconceptions and fears clog the arteries of communication (narrowed loops in some Es).


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How do we know her assistant didn't fill this out? I mean, it makes sense that the assistant would be "outgoing" and "detail oriented".

And yes, too much YELLOW!