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Cosmo Girl Beyonce Knowles: Detail-Oriented, Thoughtful, Possibly Power-Hungry

Illustration for article titled iCosmo/i Girl Beyonce Knowles: Detail-Oriented, Thoughtful, Possibly Power-Hungry

It's been a while since our last Signature Psychoses, and that's because Cosmopolitan, the magazine we've come to know and rely on for celebrity scribblings, suddenly wasn't serving them up anymore. What a difference a month makes! For its December issue, Cosmo is back with both a celebrity cover model - Beyonce Knowles — and an accompanying "Cosmo Quiz", in which the singer/actress answers cutesy questions by hand. (Interestingly, Beyonce is also appearing in a print ad for American Express that features a hand-written questionnaire.) Not surprisingly, (and as usual), the "Cosmo Quiz" isn't particularly illuminating, so we went back to handwriting expert Sheila Kurtz and asked her to do some stylnalysis on it, and the AmEx ad. What she found: The Dreamgirls star is imaginative, ambitious, self-reliant, but maybe not so quick on the draw. After the jump, images from both surveys and Sheila's analysis.


Part of the "Cosmo Quiz"

Illustration for article titled iCosmo/i Girl Beyonce Knowles: Detail-Oriented, Thoughtful, Possibly Power-Hungry

The handwriting is extraordinarily clear, rhythmic, meticulous, logical, and open. She may be somewhat secretive about private matters (as signaled by loops on the right side of "o" formations).

The big, plump loops on the "y" formations indicate an imagination that is very creative and because most of the loops finish above the (imaginary) baseline, there is evidence that she has the power to bring her dreams to fruition.

She is not a fast thinker (the rounded "m" and "n" formations indicate a mostly methodical mind), but she makes up for the relative slowness of process with a good and trusted intuition (signaled by the breaks between letters) that accelerates her ability to draw decisions from strings of facts.


The AmEx ad:

Illustration for article titled iCosmo/i Girl Beyonce Knowles: Detail-Oriented, Thoughtful, Possibly Power-Hungry

The writer pays close attention to details and is well organized, even though she might complain that she is not. The rounded "i" dots indicate that she stands by what she believes in and isn't easily swayed.

Although she says she over-analyzes, there is scant evidence in her handwriting that she probes and weighs and digs too much.

Her "f" formations have what we call tie strokes (they look like a tied shoelace) that signal a person who will keep at it, and at it, and at it until she gets it.

Her overall slant is straight up and down, the sign of a person who seldom is swept away by impulse and thinks before she acts.

The tops of certain "p" formations are higher than the round part of the "p" (as in shopping). This can signal a person who might, on occasion, be called argumentative, perhaps in a defensive way. If she argues it may sometimes be with facts, at other times with her imagination.

She underscores her first name, which is her famous one, and this is also a sign of self reliance. She can and will do things on her own.

The writer expresses herself fluidly on many levels regardless of the education, class or culture of others. The open "e" loops indicate a mind that is not limited or closed by preconceptions. She allows new ideas in. She also has the capacity to listen as well as to talk, a rare commodity.

There are hooks at the start of certain words (like card) that indicates a person who wants to have more than she does now, perhaps material things, perhaps power or knowledge.

In some words (like card) there are capital letters in the midst of a word; these are signs of a person who wishes to stand out and to be different.

All in all, the clarity and elegance are outstanding.

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I think she is lovely. But she is not paid to be intelligent, creative, or anything but pretty to look at and entertaining, right? I think she does exactly what she is supposed to do, and doesn't think that b/c she is famous, we care about her political views, etc.